Shanghai Yasen Industrial Co., Limited

Date: 19th September 2015
portable dry cleaning machine P5-FQ series

Twenty years of abortive creation, combination of china and Italy technology;
Full-closed cooling unit for imported compressor, equipped with heat pump, high efficiency recycle, a lot of heat will be absorbed for recycle drying-heating when drying and cooling, more environment-friendly and energy-saving;
Double cooling and double heating recycle system from patent technology, turning off cooling unit can also dry and recycle in special situation, more convenient for using;
New SU composed air flue to ensure fulfill drying effect during 20 minutes, high efficiency and more little time;
300PPm。Unique super cooling recycle function, advanced international technology, beneath 0 completely recycle rest solvent to ensure rest density in drum is below 300 PPM;
Full-automatic computer operation system, super LCD display, man-machine automatic program is allowable, one-key style of operation, overall program can be automatically finished;