Shanghai Yasen Industrial Co., Limited

Date: 19th September 2015
tumble dryers best price HG Series

1,Computer control and simple operation
Computer intelligent automatic control, presetting 5 automatic programs is allowable, user can set temperature,time,REV according to different sheet, taking care of sheet during drying.
2,Stable running and simple maintenance
Transfer system adopts double belt transmission to ensure stable running and bring simple daily maintenance.
Multiple-wing balance wind wheel design to control deposit floss,low noise, stable running.
3,Human design, safety and convenience
Super diameter design for loading door to bring convenience for loading clothes and unloading clothes, door depth is connected with drum inter face to avoid damaging sheet.
Drawer style of floss collection device to pull out for cleaning, so that reduce daily clean strength.
User can choose from Stainless steel or carbon steel panel,excellent material of temperature-isolating to prevent heat from emanating for taking from machine face temperature.